Workshop Series

Building on the successes and lessons learned throughout the Spring 2017 reading group, AADHum is offering a workshop series to facilitate robust dialogue and knowledge development among faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars working at the crossroads of digital studies and African American history and culture. Many of us are the only one or one-of-a-few in our departments doing digital work, which can make it challenging to get the kind of input and support we need to strengthen and push our projects forward. The workshops offer scholars a platform to not only discuss black digital scholarship, but to also get substantive feedback on their own work. 

Participants are invited to circulate works-in-progress for discussion and substantive feedback. These projects can include (but are not limited to) articles, conference papers, digital projects, dissertation research, grant proposals, and syllabi. The workshop aims to assemble scholars across disciplines for thoughtful and nuanced discourse as we explore topics like black places and spaces (online and offline); afro-futurism, -pragmatism, & -pessimism; intersectionality; systems of institutional power, agency, & movements; and black experience in everyday life. Through our collective interrogation of the ethical, empirical and epistemological considerations of doing black digital scholarship, the workshop works to foster a thriving community of digital humanists and African Americanist scholars.

AADHum’s workshop will meet bi-weekly on Wednesdays, 2-3:30pm, throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. With the exception of introduction sessions, each workshop with include 2 scholarly presentations & accompanying discussions. Presenters are expected to limit written projects to 25 pages maximum and to submit their work to AADHum at least 1 week prior to their workshop, to allow attendees ample time for reading and critical engagement. While regular attendance is encouraged throughout this workshop series, visitors are welcome.

Registration for Spring 2018 workshops is now open. Faculty, graduate students, and visitors interested in presenting on current research can choose from the dates listed below.


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Fall 2017 Workshops

Wednesday, 2-3:30pm
Location: Tawes Hall, Room 0330

September 13: Semester Introductions & Sign-Ups

September 27:

  1. Cartographies of Freedom (digital project), Jessica Lu, PhD Candidate in Rhetoric & Political Culture, Department of Communication, UMD

October 11: cancelled

October 25:

  1. The Jezebel Speaks: Black Women’s Erotic Labor in the Digital Age, Melissa Brown, PhD Candidate in Sociology, UMD

November 8:

  1. Black Broadway on U | A Transmedia Project, Shellée Haynesworth, Independent Scholar

November 29:

  1. Huddles or Hurdles? Racial and Economic Barriers to Collective Gathering in 21st Century Women’s Movements, Alyson Farzad-Phillips, PhD Student, Department of Communication, UMD
  2.  Creating a Docu-Literary essay examining Jake Lamar’s Rendezvous Eighteenth,  Tyechia L. Thompson, PhD, Howard University

December 6:

  1. Digital Storytelling syllabus-in-progress, Jovonne Bickerstaff, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate to the AADHum Initiative

Spring 2018 Workshops

Wednesday, 2-3:30pm
Location: Tawes Hall, Room 0330

January 31: Semester Introductions & Sign-Ups

February 14: cancelled

February 28:

  1.  “An(Other) Cyborg Manifesto: Disability as Dissonance,”  D’Arcee Neal, University of Maryland 
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March 14:

  1. register for this workshop
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March 28:

  1. “Working the Cracks: Black Womens’ Performance Remains in the Digital,” Leticia Ridley, University of Maryland
  2. “Mapping Black Queer Geographies through Visual Culture,” Hazim Karim Abdullah-Smith, University of Maryland

April 11:

  1. “Her Claim for Pension is Lawful and Just,” Brandi C. Brimmer, Ph.D., Morgan State University
  2. “Microhistory on the Move: Writing the Reverse Underground Railroad,” Richard Bell, Ph.D., University of Maryland

April 25:

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