APPLY: AADHum-Teaching Learning and Transformation Elevate Fellowship

Program description
The African American History, Culture and Digital Humanities (AADHum) Initiative is excited to partner with the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC) Elevate Fellows Program to offer two (2) fellowships to transform an existing course to engage with Black Digital Humanities (DH) pedagogy. Full-time faculty and instructors of all ranks are invited to apply for the fellowship program by Monday, December 2, 2019. 

Starting January 2020, fellows commit a calendar year to deepening their pedagogical knowledge in the context of Black DH. The program facilitates a course transformation process that involves: developing critical Black DH pedagogy strategies, applying heuristic methods that foster student collaboration and peer learning, and consciousness raising about Black Studies and the digital. 


Black Digital Humanities Background
Following the tradition of the first Black Studies programs that emerged out of protest for institutional transformation, engaging Black DH in and of itself is a transformation. Like the activists pushing for Black Studies programs in the1960s, Black DH also prioritizes: an asset model that accounts for Black technophilia; the use of digital tools and platforms to center the experiences and agency of Black people in the study of history, culture and expressive life; and the study of racial formations, racisms, and anti-racism in digital culture and technology.  

While the first Black Studies programs didn’t emerge in universities until the 1960s, AADHum acknowledges that community and religious organizations, museums and libraries, and literary societies were all progenitors of Black Studies in the late nineteenth century. Considering this, AADHum is also interested in helping faculty develop pedagogical strategies that acknowledge the full range of where Black Studies takes place. 



  • Commit 6-8 hours each month to the program. 
  • Develop a course redesign plan by the end of the Spring semester in the program, comprised of learning outcomes, assessment map, and pedagogies
  • Pilot course redesign in the Fall or the following Spring, and conduct evaluations to determine how course redesign has impacted student learning
  • Attend one workshop or course observation per semester 
  • Consult one-on-one with TLTC staff
  • Consult one-on-one with AADHum staff
  • Participate in program assessment activities (e.g. written reflections, peer observations, and surveys)

Benefits of the course 

  • Earn up to $8,000 to transform your course. 
  • Join a robust and thoughtful learning community defining and advancing Black DH. 
  • Work with AADHum1:1 on skill-building and course implementation sessions 
  • Work with TLTC 1:1 on course assessment