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Building on the successes and lessons learned throughout the Spring 2017 reading group, AADHum is offering a workshop series to facilitate robust dialogue and knowledge development among faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars working at the crossroads of digital studies and African American history and culture. The workshops offer scholars a platform to not only discuss black digital scholarship, but to also get substantive feedback on their own work.

Participants are invited to circulate works-in-progress for discussion and substantive feedback. These projects can include (but are not limited to) articles, conference papers, digital projects, dissertation research, grant proposals, and syllabi. The workshop aims to assemble scholars across disciplines for thoughtful and nuanced discourse as we explore topics like black places and spaces (online and offline); afro-futurism, -pragmatism, & -pessimism; intersectionality; systems of institutional power, agency, & movements; and black experience in everyday life. Through our collective interrogation of the ethical, empirical and epistemological considerations of doing black digital scholarship, the workshop works to foster a thriving community of digital humanists and African Americanist scholars.

To register to share your work, click here.